Review: Running Man Episode 137

Hey! I decided to write a review for Running Man episodes I watch every week!

First of all, thanks to kshownow for subbing Running Man

This episode features all time favorite noona – No Sa Yeon! If you remember her, she’s been here on the princess battle, and also the summer battle (the one where they pulled her out of the pool), and the other guest being After School’s UEE (love her!).

Enough said, this weeks episode is moderately funny, especially on the UEE – Kwangsoo part.

This week is about UEE, No Sa Yeon, and Ji Hyo being Go Dong “Wang” (They added another ㅇ in Dongwan’s name. Wang means king)’s daughter. They had to find the fools (the male Running Man members) and train them to be the best in the Running country.

So, here are some funny pictures from this weeks episode. Enjoy!

Kwangsoo said, to act cool in front of UEE so they don’t look like fools 😀

act cool

And, couple of the week, Kwangsoo and UEE! So envious of Kwangsoo, our honey thighs UEE is so pretty >__________<. Kwangsoo’s “near-kiss” with UEE makes me so envious 😦

gwangsoo uee

gwangsoo uee 2 gwangsoo uee 3 gwangsoo uee 4

The Monday couple had their part too in this race!

gary jihyo

And here’s a bonus from the same race.

jongkook nosayeon

And here is the second part of the race, where the fools have to carry the princess and cross from under the pole. This is where Jaesuk dropped UEE

uee jaesuk

gwangsoo uee 5 gwangsoo uee 6

Final race, where the princesses have to ride on the fools back and tear name tags.

  couple fight  ondal fight

And here are this weeks winners. WARNING: Spoiler alert.

 gwangsoo uee 7 gwangsoo uee 8 gwangsoo uee 10     gwangsoo uee 9


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