My Sunday Night

Basically spent my Sunday night eating Domino’s in Kajang. It was a great deal, though, one extra large pizza and a free extra large pizza.

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So cheap, drinks for RM 1.00 only O_O

I also bought a packet of kimchi for RM 9.99 (which is quite expensive, by the way) and it spilled on the way back home! T__T

AIESEC NTPU One Child One Change (:

So, three days after the interview, the local committee in Taiwan e-mailed me, and Doris informed me via skype. I was surprised when they said that I suit more in teaching high school students! xD. Who’s not, high school students are around 16-18 years old and I am only 19 this year! Which makes me and my future “students” not so much different in age!

ImageThis, was the e-mail they sent to me

After thinking hard and asking my parents, I decided to go for it. I’m going there to enhance my CV, gain experience, and most importantly, go there for a cause, cultural exchange. This one looks interesting too, with high school students, I think they are easier to teach than primary school kids.

So I filled up the AN form today, and I just sent it to my EP manager for him to review. If everything goes well, I’ll be buying a flight ticket to Taipei in the near future xD.

Anyway, my plan to buy a ticket by myself to Taipei has failed miserably. It’s only the 6th and I only have RM200++ left in my wallet T__T. It’s all because of Thailand trip! I really wish to tag along with my friends to Thailand though, so I think it’s worth it?

I’ll try to check is it possible to make Taiwan visa before buying the flight ticket. If it is possible, then I’ll buy the ticket some time in the future.

Pasar Malam Semenyih

This post will be written in broken Malay. Forgive me, as someone from Riau I am ashamed that the younger generations now are not fluent in Malay anymore.

WARNING: This post does not impose any hate between Malaysia and Indonesia. I am an Indonesian living in Malaysia. Seriously guys, stop the hate, Malaysia and Indonesia are brothers.

Okay, so Sabtu lepas I pergi ke pasar malam yang terletak kat Semenyih. Ni pasar malam famous sangat diantara kami students di Nottingham kerana di pasar malam ini lah bisa dapat makan murah lagi sedap.

Bagi yang don’t know ni pasar malam letak kat mana, ni pasar malam terletak sebelah pasaraya The Store kat Semenyih. For Nottingham students, take the bus to KTM Kajang and go down in Semenyih then walk to The Store and you’ll be able to see the pasar malam.

Enough talk, I ade exam, nak study. Ada apa question boleh ask kat sini, I seusaha menjawab question-question. 🙂

IMG_0695Ini nasi kandar kat Maybank Semenyih, tepat di sebelah.

IMG_0699 IMG_0698

IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0706 IMG_0705 IMG_0704 IMG_0703 IMG_0702