Photos of The Month: Batam

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The Haze


These few days, the coast of Sumatra, including the neighboring countries are attacked by haze. After much research, I discovered that it is caused by the so-called ‘slash-and-burn’ techniques in Dumai, Riau.

Even worse, for a few days in Batam, there are no water and no electricity.

As of 22nd June, I am glad to say that the haze is no more visible in Batam and Singapore, and is now heading to Kuala Lumpur.

WP_20130621_004I got ready for the haze too!


Barelang: Seafood!

Back in Batam, and the first thing that comes into my mind is: Seafood! We are really famous for the seafood.

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Barelang Bridge, a bridge that connects three major islands, Batam, Rempang, and Galang. It has been the icon of Batam.

The seafood here are very good, and not very expensive after all.

Going Back Home: From Malaysia to Indonesia

I came back home last Friday (30/05). This was my first time going home by bus via Johor Bahru, and then by a ferry to Batam, Indonesia.

Woke up at 6 early in the morning to catch the 8.00 am bus. My last night in Malaysia, I slept i my roommate’s bed, because I already moved all my stuffs, including the bed.

The bus to Kajang is really packed. They reduced the schedule by a lot.

After arriving in Bandar Tasik Selatan, I noticed that there are 6 people from the same bus who went to the same counter with me. I booked mine already for 11.30, but since they have spot for the 10.00, I took the 10.00 bus. It was by a company named KKKL.


A cup of milo while waiting for the bus to come~

The trip was relatively nice. Arrived in Johor Bahru in 3.5 hours time! That is like really fast.


Aha! Caught the driver over-speeding!


The exit to my university!

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View of the Bandar Tasik Selatan bus terminal. It is, by far, the most sophisticated bus terminal I have ever seen.


Getting myself really comfortable

Then after, from Johor Bahru, I took a ferry to Indonesia. Finally, after months, I’m back here in Batam!


The sea, something that I really missed.