/define best weekend


Definition of best weekend? Going to places you never go with friends!

So last weekend the weekend where I lost my iPad, my buddy came to Kuala Lumpur

We went to places that I, someone who lives in Kuala Lumpur, never goes to!

I always wanted to go to Aquaria KLCC, but never had the chance to, finally I got the chance to go there, it was a tad disappointing though, but overall it was a nice place!

The other place we went is Solaris @ Mont Kiara. I have heard of this place before, but never went there. Found a nice Korean restaurant there and decided to go there. The place is so nice, looks so high class, I don’t want to live in Semenyih anymore!


Taiwan (June-July 2013)

Posted this way too late. Let the pictures speak 😉

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So, again, many people ask me, what am I there for?

I joined AIESEC’s GCDP program last summer in Taipei, Taiwan. I travelled by myself from Singapore to Taipei and really experienced a lot there, I came back becoming a different person.

It was a fun experience, and I changed from a silent person to an extremely noisy person.

With me was my team, consisting of 10 different countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

It was a fun experience, I got to know a lot of people, gained a lot of new friends!


and here are the awesome people from our team!

Aside from teaching, I also went to AIESEC’s conference meeting in Hualien, it was also fun, and we met more people! More new friends! Also, more drinking! I realized that Taiwanese loves drinking, their alcohol is very cheap.

I went there and experience two uncommon natural disasters for me, earthquake, and typhoon. I didn’t really felt the earthquake, but the typhoon was cool! It feels like the door is blowing soon xD.

I left Taiwan with a heavy heart (?) so Indonesian, saying goodbye to the friends which we got close over the one month is very hard.

Once again, sorry for posting this late!

Losing my Gadgets: From Useful to Useless

Over this month, I have lost two gadgets, both my phone, and my tablet.

Total losses of this month accumulates almost RM1,500!

I am literally crying.

Three Fridays ago, I went to Nagoya Hill Mall in Batam to meet with the person buying my phone this was the other phone, not the one I lost. After dealing with him, I decided to go to the toilet in the cinema floor, because it is way cleaner than the other toilets in the mall. After that, I forgot that I put my phone on top of the water tank before leaving the toilet. I realized it’s gone, less than a minute after I left, and when I came back, bam, it’s gone.

I actually planned to sell that phone after I came back to Malaysia and get myself a better phone! Thank God my mom gave me money to get a new phone, and my new phone is on it’s way from Korea right now 😀 not telling you guys what phone it is, it’s a surprise for later!

Last Friday, I went to LCCT airport to fetch a childhood buddy. After he came out, we went to the ATM to buy credit for my phone to call our other friend. I have a bad habbit to put my stuffs on top of the ATM when I’m using the ATM. Left my iPad on top and completely forgot until two hours later, went back and reported to the police, but they have no one returning iPad to the police.

It’s a sad month, I lost both gadgets that I heavily rely on, and now it’s just me with my BlackBerry smartphone dumbphone. My Korean phone is coming this weekend, which feels really long right now.

I’m planning to just get a used iPad, because I only use iPad for browsing and studying. Let’s see if I can get a good deal for that.

September 2013 is officially my darkest September ever

October please be good! Today’s the last day of black September!