3 Reasons Why I’m Planning to Leave Malaysia (and why you shouldn’t come on the first place)

As everyone know, September 2013 I moved to Malaysia to further continue my study. I enrolled in The University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (as I am writing this now from Malaysia). After staying here for more than a year, seeing all the “dark sides” of Malaysia, I decided to leave Malaysia for good (if my parents allow me).

Don’t get me wrong, Malaysian people are nice, and I’m not trying to generalize the whole Malaysia into the picture. Like any other places on earth, there is a good side and there will always be the bad side.




So why did I even decide to come to Malaysia, you might ask. My struggle to university was long and hard (without the if you know what I mean face). I tried to look for a few universities, and at first I applied for INHolland Hogeschool in The Netherlands. I registered quite late, and I can’t make it for my student visa, and finally I dropped my application. My mum was also worried about this, and she went to ask the deity in Singapore (this may sound mystical, but I swear to God all the answers are pretty accurate), and the divination said that a “golden rooster” will guide me to success.


Since I can’t go to The Netherlands, I tried to find other universities which are nearer, I considered Singapore and Malaysia. For Singapore, my grades are not enough for public universities, while private universities are okay, but it is still better to go to public universities. For Malaysia, I at first considered INTI, and Taylors. But one day, I was randomly browsing the Internet and found out about The University of Nottingham in Malaysia (from now thereon will be referred as UNMC). That was the first time I heard about this university as it was not so popular.


Finally, I weighted my options, and actually I wanted to do a year of foundation, and then continue for my application in INHolland, but I don’t know why I didn’t registered there. Instead, I just continued getting my bachelors degree in here (maybe I didn’t want to leave my 韓妹 leave my friends).


Maybe you guys are wondering, since I know Malaysia, I should have just chose Singapore because it is safer. Don’t get me wrong, even though I live quite near Malaysia, and yes, I am aware of the crime rate in Malaysia, I am not aware that the crime rate in Malaysia is more than what I know.

Here is my research from Numbeo, here is the crime rate map for the world, and Malaysia is almost unsafe as the US! Yes, the US is unsafe in some areas, whether you realise it or not!


and let’s compare the crime rate in Indonesia and Malaysia



and finally, here is the crime rate for Kuala Lumpur


My second year in Malaysia. Elections just passed, and, coincidentally or not coincidentally, Malaysia suddenly looks like a messed up hell for me. New rules for visa (as if it’s not expensive enough!), petrol hike, electricity hike, everything also hike, including but not exclusively, crime rate.

I compiled why I plan to leave Malaysia, and it falls to these 3 points:

  1. Safety, the main concern now for all of the students. I can’t say for other universities, but for my university, UNMC, safety is a big issue, especially in the housing Taman Tasik Semenyih (from now thereon will be referred as TTS). What is TTS? No, not the trio sub-group of Girls’ Generation, or the Indonesian name for crosswords puzzle (Teka-Teki Silang) TTS is a housing around the area of the campus, where many students lived. I talked to my neighbour who has lived here for more than 10 years. According to this old couple, their house have been broke in more than 4 times over the period of around 10 years plus. Sweet niblets! (Hannah Montana style). I’ve been occupying my house in my home town for almost 14 years and not even a single break in! My friends who lived in TTS got broke in a few times; mostly on the summer. Since I love my laptop so much and don’t want it to be lost, I always carry around my laptop with me. Aside from break ins, there are also snatch thieves in TTS.  Recently, one of my Indonesian senior got snatched in the university bridge. On the bridge! There is a security post just before that and someone dare to snatch there! Another case was one of my friends’ housemate was walking, and a car pulled in, pulled the poor guy on to the car (yes, literally), took all his stuff, and drop him in a land far-far away. Holy Mother of God, I can’t even imagine it happening to me!
  2. Public Spaces, also related to safety. One of my friend was on his way back from the airport to campus, when suddenly someone grabbed his luggage to divert his attention, and the next thing he knows his brand new iPhone 5 is gone by the wind. I always have this feel that it is unsafe in public areas, such as the bus station, airports, or even the train terminal and the LRT/Monorail station!
  3. Visa issue! This is what’s hot now, starting from 2013, the government has implemented a new “privately owned” company (if you know what I mean), called EMGS, or Education Malaysia something something to “speed up” the process of this visa. In reality, not only it slows down the process, it also increases the cost of the student visa. Last year, extension only cost RM160, and this year, it cost almost RM2,000!

Now, do you still dare to come here to study? 😉


One thought on “3 Reasons Why I’m Planning to Leave Malaysia (and why you shouldn’t come on the first place)

  1. Hi :D.

    I’ve came across your blog recently while doing a random search on Raja Chulan monorail lol. O_o

    I must say, I agree with your reasons above and frankly, it’s been a goal for most Malaysian tertiary students to study overseas for almost the very reasons you listed above. And let’s be honest, Malaysia is no Europe lol.

    I myself decided to study A-Levels in hopes of gaining an entry into UK universities unfortunately I messed up my AS-Levels and am now in a foundation program at HELP. God knows where I’ll end up next lol.

    And lastly I’m a bit sad you’ll be leaving Malaysia :(. We need more bloggers like you!


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