10 Foods I’m Going to Eat After Returning to Indonesia

Today I managed to get back my passport!~ Yay! Even though it’s still on special pass, and not my student visa! Damn EMGS, quickly process mine!

So, I decided to compile a list of foods that I’m going to eat when I’m going back!~

  1. First on the list is soto! My favourite Indonesian food! My mum called me this morning, and told me that 你後天回家可以吃到soto了 (meaning: When you come home the day after tomorrow, you can eat soto already). What is soto? Soto is yellow chicken soup, so basically the main ingredient is chicken, boiled with some spices that makes it “yellow”. Now, there are lots of different kinds of soto, and truthfully, I don’t know what’s the one that my family always cook. I like soto because it taste delicious and spicy, although the chilli is usually separated. I tried to cook soto once in Malaysia and I failed miserably!800px-Soto_ayam
  2. Sate, which is basically skewered meat, and is widely available in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As a matter of fact, the most famous sate (referred as satay in Malaysia or Singapore) is in Kajang, which is very near my place. Truthfully, the sate in here is not as nice as the one in Indonesia. Our sate sauce is far more spicier than the one in Malaysia, and also our sate has the special Indonesian sweet soy sauce taste, where as the Malaysian version somehow feels like a sugary sweet taste. One thing different in our sate tradition is, in Indonesia, the merchant pour the sauce on top of the sate, where as in Malaysia, you dip the sate on the sauce. 14-sate babi
  3. Live seafood. The name is usually to refer seafood that are freshly made, live. There are lots of these kinds of restaurants in Batam. You walk in, see the fishes, pick your poison, and tell then how you want it cooked. Yes, fresh seafood is best seafood, and to make it fresh, you have to keep it alive until you’re going to eat it. I feel like eating salted egg crabs (although I don’t like eating crab, very inconvenient), sweet and sour deep fried fish, gong-gong (a kind of mollusc).Seafood-Restaurant-Batam
  4. Korean food. My favourite Korean food restaurant is in Batam! I usually hang out there with Edo and Peter, and also with Faldo and we ate, drank soju, basically we always eat there, and of course not missing the delicious grilled pork!20120611_202730
  5. Gado-gado! Who can not remember this nostalgic food! Indonesian version of salad. Vegetables all mixed together with tofu and noodles over a peanut sauce that is similar to sate sauce and topped with eggs and fried shallots!gadogado
  6. Mie pangsit, or locally known in my family as tamie (干面). This was one of my childhood favourite foods! I remember when I was still staying in Nagoya, the stall at the end of the road sell really delicious tamie. Until now, tamie is still my preferred breakfast food. Mi_ayam_pangsit_kuah
  7. Ayam penyet. Indonesia’s very own version of fried chicken, which hilariously, in English is called smashed chicken. Yes, the chicken is first smashed to make it soft and tender. It is very soft and tender comparing to western fried chicken. The chicken is not fried with batter, instead, it is fried with spices that makes it fragrant. It is served with fried tahu (tofu), tempe (soybean cake), and lalapan (raw vegetables), and also with the very spicy chilli. Here’s the challenge, usually me and my friend would challenge each other to see who can eat more chilli.04 Best Selling Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Nur Indah Kitchen [Bedok Corner Food Centre] (Large)
  8. Mie ayam, literally chicken noodles. It looks similar to tamie, but it is not tamie. I don’t know the difference, but it just taste different. In mie ayam, chicken will be put on top, while in tamie it’s usually shredded pork and grilled pork. Mie ayam is also more watery. Mi_ayam_jamur
  9. Nasi Padang. This is what 90% of the Indonesians really miss when they go abroad. Once, my cousin came back from the U.S. (note that he haven’t came back for 13 years), and the first thing he asked for is nasi Padang. That’s how addictive it is. It is basically rice mixed with any kind of dishes you like. The dishes are cooked Padang style, which is influenced by the Indians when they come to Indonesia to do trading. The main characteristic of Padang food is curry-full, spicy, and lots and lots of oil.Nasi_Kapau
  10. The last but not the least, ayam goreng cabe ijo! Literally translates to green chilli fried chicken. And true enough, it is fried chicken with green chilli. Distant relative of the ayam penyet, this is one best Indonesian food that I like.Ayam-goreng-cabe-ijo

Now, that’s all for my list! Maybe some of you may wonder why I didn’t include rendang. Well the reason is, I don’t eat beef — and most rendang are made out of beef. I do enjoy pork rendang, though, occasionally.

NOTE: All of these pictures are not mine, since I don’t have the pictures, so I just googled them.


Where did I go? Updates, exams, Taiwan, and everything more.

400699_4930098058914_659360373_n_jpgFound this old picture on my phone, and tried to edit it.

Me and My Final exams


Finals, not even once!

So, finals done, summer’s here, and I can finally update this blog! Didn’t update for quite a while because I am busy doing my exams (sorry!). Today, May 25th, 2013, is the last day of my final exams, and I have finished it.

Actually, most of my friends finished their exams earlier. Mine finished a little bit later because I took Data Gathering and Communications, which the lecturer decided to troll us and put the exams a bit behind (nice try Mr. Raj). Even though I considered myself lucky enough, because some people have their exams until the 27th.

Exams = study. Who doesn’t agree? If you don’t study, you’ll come back again for summer resits. Exam month is the time to see student extremely studying, and here are some pictures of me studying.


Outdoor studying rocks!~


#NotRelated. But, these two we’re fighting when we were studying.

This three week battle with exams has finally ended. I am very glad. The end of the exams marks the beginning of my first ever summer vacation in my life.

Yes, my first ever summer vacation.

I was so jealous of American school when I watched “High School Musical” because they have this uber long summer vacation that they’re very excited about and sing a song about (What time is it? It’s Summertime~!), because we Indonesians don’t have them. Like, c’mon, we’re already having summer all year long, if there is really a summer vacations, we would just have holidays the whole year! We usually have only 1 month semester break! Which, was one of the longest vacation we have, second to Chinese New Year Vacation (I heard they shorten the Chinese New Year Vacation this year, pity you guys).

Me and My New House

Yes, I am moving out from my current room, to a house which me and two other friends of mine rented. The new house is quite near to the one I live.

Before going back to Indonesia and enjoying my summer holidays, I have to get to work and move my stuffs. As a matter of fact, I am moving my stuffs tomorrow.

I just realized how hard moving is.


No, these are not mine. If they are, I will go crazy just by looking the amount of stuffs.

Like, I mean, pack all the stuffs to boxes, clean the whole room so it looks presentable again, and clearing all my stuff.

So, part one of vacating my room and mutating to my new room: Buy plastic boxes in Tesco. These are good for eating stuffs (cutlery). These are more sterile than cardboard boxes, in my opinion, so I use them to keep cooking stuffs.


Only one of them is mine! Got them for a bargain, only RM 13.90 for one (around US$.4.60)

The next step is the hardest one, obviously, fitting your whole room in the boxes.


On the time of me writing this, I haven’t packed everything yet. As a matter of fact, I am going back to pack again after I post this. So, guys, be patient. I’ll take a picture of my total stuffs.

I wonder if moving the stuffs is the hardest part. I’ll move them tomorrow, let’s see how it goes!

Me and My Taiwan Internship with AIESEC NTPU

Just a short update for this one, I finally got my visa! They only gave me 30 days, though, which is just barely enough for me. I don’t plan to stay there long enough too, because I still want to spend my time in Indonesia!

The visa application is quite easy, all you have to do is visit https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/ and fill the form online, then download the completed form, print it, bring all necessary documents, and go to the Taiwan Embassy (I know, it’s not an official embassy, but it’s de facto an embassy, so let’s just address them this way. Go 中華民國!).

Come back three days later (including the day you submit) around 4.30-5.30, and collect your visa. Oh yeah, they only receive applications from 9.00-12.00.

And, ta-da, the day of the collection, it rained very hard that I almost decided to take the taxi, but still walked because I’m too scroogy to take a taxi.

And here it is, the long awaited, visa!


Yes, yes, I know I’m handsome, my mum told me that a lot.

Me and Mishaps That Happened During Exam Month

I don’t know if I’ve been studying too much, or I’m just plain unlucky this exam month, but lots of mishaps happened to me this month.

1. Knife cut on my left middle finger.


2. Cooking oil burn on my right thumb.


Me and My Cooking

All those happened when I was cooking! Which, I am getting more and more advanced at it. People say, when you’re away from parents, you’ll learn important life skills such as cooking, washing clothes, and other stuffs.

Even though I only cooked mainly instant noodles, but I am proud of it because I made them a bit fancy, lol!

Here is my “improving cooking”.


Now guess what’s that? Haha!

My Junior’s National Exams Results

Yesterday was the announcement of 2012/2013 national high school exam, and it was my junior’s turn (mine was last year, obviously), and this year was quite different because they announced it through through the school website (which was quite fancy in my opinion).


More details can be read from my ex school’s website here.

Me and Roland Garros 2013

Roland Garros, or the French Open, is the one and only sport event I watch, and I am still rooting for Maria Sharapova this year! She was last year’s winner.

An interesting thing about the French Open is, last year, during my IELTS speaking test, they asked me about my favourite sporting event, and I was told to tell them about the sporting event. Last year was my first time watching the French Open tournaments, because of my dad. It’s as if God arranged me to watch the French Open, because I was about to get such a question in IELTS.

So, this year, I’m still rooting for Maria, and she was the one who drew the lots for men singles. Here are some pictures from the draw.


At 1.88 metres tall, I am 4 centimetres shorter than her!


Sharapova will be playing with this Taiwanese, can’t wait for the game!

My Sunday Night

Basically spent my Sunday night eating Domino’s in Kajang. It was a great deal, though, one extra large pizza and a free extra large pizza.

사진 13. 4. 7. 오후 7 22 22 사진 13. 4. 7. 오후 8 14 17

So cheap, drinks for RM 1.00 only O_O

I also bought a packet of kimchi for RM 9.99 (which is quite expensive, by the way) and it spilled on the way back home! T__T

Ampang: From Citibank to Koreatown

So, today I went to Ampang Park to make a Citibank account.

A few days before, I e-mailed them and made sure that I can make an account with a letter from my school.

citibankThe e-mail from Citibank!

So after that, I decided to explore Ampang too. Like, hey! I came all the way here!

As everyone knows, as a student in Nottingham Malaysia, going to Kuala Lumpur is very very very very far. The journey starts from the bus stop in Nottingham.


The bus in Nottingham is free, takes students until KTM Kajang, the nearest KTM station from Nottingham.

IMG_0646Across Kajang KTM station

IMG_0606The inefficient paper ticket used by KTMB. Touch and Go is also available, but I can’t even find them anywhere -__-. Long queue, long queue every time.

IMG_0607Ladies coach, hahaha. Only in Malaysia!

A gentle advice for you guys travelling Kuala Lumpur by public transport, KTM < LRT and Monorail. Take only KTM if it is the only way to travel (like me). Another thing is, they rarely check for the ticket. Today, randomly, they checked the ticket. The first time since I’ve stayed here. Also be careful of pickpockets, especially KTM which is infested in pickpockets! My friends lost a lot of phones. Luckily, I haven’t lose anything now.

IMG_0645In Bandar Tasik Selatan

Here is a map for you guys travelling with public transport.


There are two options from Kajang to Ampang Park. I can take the KTM all the way to KL Sentral, and take the Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang. The other one is to take KTM until Tasik Selatan, and take the Ampang Line to Masjid Jamek, then change to Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang.

I took the other route.

And if you’re wondering, why did I go to “Ampang Park” instead of “Ampang”, it’s because I have to go to Citibank, which is located just beside Ampang Park LRT Station. If you’re going to Koreatown, I suggest going from Ampang LRT station as it is nearer.

IMG_0609The token for taking LRT. This is by far more efficient than KTM’s paper ticket, and it looks unique too!

Took the train to Masjid Jamek, and I must say LRT stations are way way way way way better than KTM stations! Especially those undergrounds one.

Oh yeah, from Masjid Jamek, you need to go down to the Kelana Jaya Line.

IMG_0611Selca time in front of the train doors, LOL

LRT train is way faster than KTM. Arrived in Ampang Park and I was so amazed by the design. It almost looks like Changi’s MRT Station.


To get to the citibank, just turn left from the exit and cross the road. You should see a big blue-colored banner.

IMG_0612This big screen in front is so cool!

They rejected my application.


Anyway, to my next stop since I am very very hungry. I took a taxi from Ampang Park LRT to Ampang Point. It’s not really far, only RM9.60.

Before coming here, I made a little “research” and found this blog.

Arriving in Ampang Point, I decided to check what’s inside first. So. very. disappointed. I then checked the map in the blog. The map was not really clear enough and I walked around Ampang Point to find out that it is across Ampang Point. From the main entrance, take the overhead bridge, and walk straight till you see a junction. Walk straight till you see a Korean school.

ampangMy route for this trip. Red indicates my trip to the first restaurant, yellow is the second

IMG_0616The Korean school

Just adjacent to the Korean school is Jalan Ampang Utama, where the Koreatown is located. My destination is a Korean restaurant called Goong.


I walked the wrong way and ended up in a restaurant called Chung Goong.

IMG_0620 IMG_0619

The food there was not bad, it’s just there is no Korean BBQ. I ate Mapo Tofu Rice. A word of warning: It’s extremely spicy.


While eating, I found some very funny stuffs 😛

IMG_0621 IMG_0624 IMG_0649

Why is that girl wearing a hanbok in the middle of the rain 😛

The food I ate costs RM20, and Koreans are very nice to give free drinking water in a bottle.

When I paid, they gave me a RM2.00 voucher, which I can’t think of any use of that. Not only it expires soon, but hey it’s only RM2.00!


I then continued walking through the streets of Ampang, to find the restaurant I was looking for.

IMG_0626Anyway, I have a plan to take TOPIK. Maybe I can take TOPIK lessons here someday. My aim is to pass TOPIK 3 or 4, but my Korean now is very basic that I can’t converse well with a Korean >__________<

Going down from the restaurant and going back straight to the entrance, I saw this Korean mini market, called PhilMart (almost thought it was a Philippines mini market, lol). I remember seeing the picture of the place somewhere, and decided to take a look. I was looking for a soju glass anyway.

I ended up buying chum churum (RM11), two sets of disposable soju glass (RM1.50 each. Can’t find the glass), and two Korean onion rings (RM.450 each, my favorite! I’ve been missing those!). The market is the true Korean heaven, although I didn’t find Cass (wanted to try Cass, never found them in Malaysia).

IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_0629Only in Korea: Soju packed in milk boxes

Turn right from the mini market, only to find that there are more Korean restaurants, and also more Korean mini markets. I regretted that I didn’t check the whole place first before deciding to eat and buy stuffs from the mini market! I just realized now though, I could find the soju glass in the other mini markets.

Walk straight and you’ll see Goong, the restaurant mentioned in the blog. It’s hidden in the second floor of something that looks like a mini coffee shop.


I went upstairs, and at first, I was disappointed. It does not look like what I had expected. There are no Koreans, only some local looking guys.

IMG_0631 IMG_0632Don’t know why, but they also gave me free bottled water
IMG_0636 IMG_0635

The disappointment quickly ended, though, because they really serve cheap food. It’s only RM22 for the gochujang samgyeopsal (spicy grilled pork belly). At first I was skepticalabout it though, because traditionally samgyeopsal is served without any marinade.

IMG_0640Dark looking meats are the samgyeopsal, and the rounded ones are pork ribs

Goong does not hesitate to give you side dishes. I didn’t even finish them! So sorry! It’s not that I don’t want to finish them but I am too full 😦 I usually eat all the side dishes, but this time it was really too much for me to digest >__<

IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0637 IMG_0638

Do come here if you’re going to Ampang! Both places are nice, and have their own pros and cons (I’ll just list them bellow so you can choose where to eat).

Cheong Goong:

  • Nice environment, window seats are the best. You can see random stuffs like a lady wearing a hanbok in the middle of the rain 😛
  • Food is nice if you’re looking for something non-BBQ.
  • Very few side dishes
  • No samgyeopsal! (Considered a con for me because I like samgyeopsal)


  • BBQ is the main attraction here, especially the gochujang samgyeopsal.
  • Lots and lots of side dishes!
  • Price is quite high
  • Very low-classy kind of feeling, yet high-classy in the price

Here are the addresses if you’re looking for it:


Lot B2-2, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2

Taman Ampang Utama

Ampang, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia

Cheong Goong:

C6-1M, C7-1M, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1

One Ampang Avenue

Ampang, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia