10 Foods I’m Going to Eat After Returning to Indonesia

Today I managed to get back my passport!~ Yay! Even though it’s still on special pass, and not my student visa! Damn EMGS, quickly process mine!

So, I decided to compile a list of foods that I’m going to eat when I’m going back!~

  1. First on the list is soto! My favourite Indonesian food! My mum called me this morning, and told me that 你後天回家可以吃到soto了 (meaning: When you come home the day after tomorrow, you can eat soto already). What is soto? Soto is yellow chicken soup, so basically the main ingredient is chicken, boiled with some spices that makes it “yellow”. Now, there are lots of different kinds of soto, and truthfully, I don’t know what’s the one that my family always cook. I like soto because it taste delicious and spicy, although the chilli is usually separated. I tried to cook soto once in Malaysia and I failed miserably!800px-Soto_ayam
  2. Sate, which is basically skewered meat, and is widely available in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. As a matter of fact, the most famous sate (referred as satay in Malaysia or Singapore) is in Kajang, which is very near my place. Truthfully, the sate in here is not as nice as the one in Indonesia. Our sate sauce is far more spicier than the one in Malaysia, and also our sate has the special Indonesian sweet soy sauce taste, where as the Malaysian version somehow feels like a sugary sweet taste. One thing different in our sate tradition is, in Indonesia, the merchant pour the sauce on top of the sate, where as in Malaysia, you dip the sate on the sauce. 14-sate babi
  3. Live seafood. The name is usually to refer seafood that are freshly made, live. There are lots of these kinds of restaurants in Batam. You walk in, see the fishes, pick your poison, and tell then how you want it cooked. Yes, fresh seafood is best seafood, and to make it fresh, you have to keep it alive until you’re going to eat it. I feel like eating salted egg crabs (although I don’t like eating crab, very inconvenient), sweet and sour deep fried fish, gong-gong (a kind of mollusc).Seafood-Restaurant-Batam
  4. Korean food. My favourite Korean food restaurant is in Batam! I usually hang out there with Edo and Peter, and also with Faldo and we ate, drank soju, basically we always eat there, and of course not missing the delicious grilled pork!20120611_202730
  5. Gado-gado! Who can not remember this nostalgic food! Indonesian version of salad. Vegetables all mixed together with tofu and noodles over a peanut sauce that is similar to sate sauce and topped with eggs and fried shallots!gadogado
  6. Mie pangsit, or locally known in my family as tamie (干面). This was one of my childhood favourite foods! I remember when I was still staying in Nagoya, the stall at the end of the road sell really delicious tamie. Until now, tamie is still my preferred breakfast food. Mi_ayam_pangsit_kuah
  7. Ayam penyet. Indonesia’s very own version of fried chicken, which hilariously, in English is called smashed chicken. Yes, the chicken is first smashed to make it soft and tender. It is very soft and tender comparing to western fried chicken. The chicken is not fried with batter, instead, it is fried with spices that makes it fragrant. It is served with fried tahu (tofu), tempe (soybean cake), and lalapan (raw vegetables), and also with the very spicy chilli. Here’s the challenge, usually me and my friend would challenge each other to see who can eat more chilli.04 Best Selling Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Nur Indah Kitchen [Bedok Corner Food Centre] (Large)
  8. Mie ayam, literally chicken noodles. It looks similar to tamie, but it is not tamie. I don’t know the difference, but it just taste different. In mie ayam, chicken will be put on top, while in tamie it’s usually shredded pork and grilled pork. Mie ayam is also more watery. Mi_ayam_jamur
  9. Nasi Padang. This is what 90% of the Indonesians really miss when they go abroad. Once, my cousin came back from the U.S. (note that he haven’t came back for 13 years), and the first thing he asked for is nasi Padang. That’s how addictive it is. It is basically rice mixed with any kind of dishes you like. The dishes are cooked Padang style, which is influenced by the Indians when they come to Indonesia to do trading. The main characteristic of Padang food is curry-full, spicy, and lots and lots of oil.Nasi_Kapau
  10. The last but not the least, ayam goreng cabe ijo! Literally translates to green chilli fried chicken. And true enough, it is fried chicken with green chilli. Distant relative of the ayam penyet, this is one best Indonesian food that I like.Ayam-goreng-cabe-ijo

Now, that’s all for my list! Maybe some of you may wonder why I didn’t include rendang. Well the reason is, I don’t eat beef — and most rendang are made out of beef. I do enjoy pork rendang, though, occasionally.

NOTE: All of these pictures are not mine, since I don’t have the pictures, so I just googled them.


Losing my Gadgets: From Useful to Useless

Over this month, I have lost two gadgets, both my phone, and my tablet.

Total losses of this month accumulates almost RM1,500!

I am literally crying.

Three Fridays ago, I went to Nagoya Hill Mall in Batam to meet with the person buying my phone this was the other phone, not the one I lost. After dealing with him, I decided to go to the toilet in the cinema floor, because it is way cleaner than the other toilets in the mall. After that, I forgot that I put my phone on top of the water tank before leaving the toilet. I realized it’s gone, less than a minute after I left, and when I came back, bam, it’s gone.

I actually planned to sell that phone after I came back to Malaysia and get myself a better phone! Thank God my mom gave me money to get a new phone, and my new phone is on it’s way from Korea right now 😀 not telling you guys what phone it is, it’s a surprise for later!

Last Friday, I went to LCCT airport to fetch a childhood buddy. After he came out, we went to the ATM to buy credit for my phone to call our other friend. I have a bad habbit to put my stuffs on top of the ATM when I’m using the ATM. Left my iPad on top and completely forgot until two hours later, went back and reported to the police, but they have no one returning iPad to the police.

It’s a sad month, I lost both gadgets that I heavily rely on, and now it’s just me with my BlackBerry smartphone dumbphone. My Korean phone is coming this weekend, which feels really long right now.

I’m planning to just get a used iPad, because I only use iPad for browsing and studying. Let’s see if I can get a good deal for that.

September 2013 is officially my darkest September ever

October please be good! Today’s the last day of black September!

Barelang: Seafood!

Back in Batam, and the first thing that comes into my mind is: Seafood! We are really famous for the seafood.

WP_20130603_003 WP_20130603_004 WP_20130603_005 WP_20130603_009 WP_20130603_011 WP_20130603_013 WP_20130603_015 WP_20130603_017 WP_20130603_018 WP_20130603_020 WP_20130603_021 WP_20130603_032 WP_20130603_033 WP_20130603_034 WP_20130603_040 WP_20130603_041 WP_20130603_042 WP_20130603_037 WP_20130603_038

Barelang Bridge, a bridge that connects three major islands, Batam, Rempang, and Galang. It has been the icon of Batam.

The seafood here are very good, and not very expensive after all.

Going Back Home: From Malaysia to Indonesia

I came back home last Friday (30/05). This was my first time going home by bus via Johor Bahru, and then by a ferry to Batam, Indonesia.

Woke up at 6 early in the morning to catch the 8.00 am bus. My last night in Malaysia, I slept i my roommate’s bed, because I already moved all my stuffs, including the bed.

The bus to Kajang is really packed. They reduced the schedule by a lot.

After arriving in Bandar Tasik Selatan, I noticed that there are 6 people from the same bus who went to the same counter with me. I booked mine already for 11.30, but since they have spot for the 10.00, I took the 10.00 bus. It was by a company named KKKL.


A cup of milo while waiting for the bus to come~

The trip was relatively nice. Arrived in Johor Bahru in 3.5 hours time! That is like really fast.


Aha! Caught the driver over-speeding!


The exit to my university!

WP_20130530_003 WP_20130530_002

View of the Bandar Tasik Selatan bus terminal. It is, by far, the most sophisticated bus terminal I have ever seen.


Getting myself really comfortable

Then after, from Johor Bahru, I took a ferry to Indonesia. Finally, after months, I’m back here in Batam!


The sea, something that I really missed.