Taiwan (June-July 2013)

Posted this way too late. Let the pictures speak 😉

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So, again, many people ask me, what am I there for?

I joined AIESEC’s GCDP program last summer in Taipei, Taiwan. I travelled by myself from Singapore to Taipei and really experienced a lot there, I came back becoming a different person.

It was a fun experience, and I changed from a silent person to an extremely noisy person.

With me was my team, consisting of 10 different countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

It was a fun experience, I got to know a lot of people, gained a lot of new friends!


and here are the awesome people from our team!

Aside from teaching, I also went to AIESEC’s conference meeting in Hualien, it was also fun, and we met more people! More new friends! Also, more drinking! I realized that Taiwanese loves drinking, their alcohol is very cheap.

I went there and experience two uncommon natural disasters for me, earthquake, and typhoon. I didn’t really felt the earthquake, but the typhoon was cool! It feels like the door is blowing soon xD.

I left Taiwan with a heavy heart (?) so Indonesian, saying goodbye to the friends which we got close over the one month is very hard.

Once again, sorry for posting this late!


Going Back Home: From Malaysia to Indonesia

I came back home last Friday (30/05). This was my first time going home by bus via Johor Bahru, and then by a ferry to Batam, Indonesia.

Woke up at 6 early in the morning to catch the 8.00 am bus. My last night in Malaysia, I slept i my roommate’s bed, because I already moved all my stuffs, including the bed.

The bus to Kajang is really packed. They reduced the schedule by a lot.

After arriving in Bandar Tasik Selatan, I noticed that there are 6 people from the same bus who went to the same counter with me. I booked mine already for 11.30, but since they have spot for the 10.00, I took the 10.00 bus. It was by a company named KKKL.


A cup of milo while waiting for the bus to come~

The trip was relatively nice. Arrived in Johor Bahru in 3.5 hours time! That is like really fast.


Aha! Caught the driver over-speeding!


The exit to my university!

WP_20130530_003 WP_20130530_002

View of the Bandar Tasik Selatan bus terminal. It is, by far, the most sophisticated bus terminal I have ever seen.


Getting myself really comfortable

Then after, from Johor Bahru, I took a ferry to Indonesia. Finally, after months, I’m back here in Batam!


The sea, something that I really missed.

AIESEC NTPU One Child One Change (:

So, three days after the interview, the local committee in Taiwan e-mailed me, and Doris informed me via skype. I was surprised when they said that I suit more in teaching high school students! xD. Who’s not, high school students are around 16-18 years old and I am only 19 this year! Which makes me and my future “students” not so much different in age!

ImageThis, was the e-mail they sent to me

After thinking hard and asking my parents, I decided to go for it. I’m going there to enhance my CV, gain experience, and most importantly, go there for a cause, cultural exchange. This one looks interesting too, with high school students, I think they are easier to teach than primary school kids.

So I filled up the AN form today, and I just sent it to my EP manager for him to review. If everything goes well, I’ll be buying a flight ticket to Taipei in the near future xD.

Anyway, my plan to buy a ticket by myself to Taipei has failed miserably. It’s only the 6th and I only have RM200++ left in my wallet T__T. It’s all because of Thailand trip! I really wish to tag along with my friends to Thailand though, so I think it’s worth it?

I’ll try to check is it possible to make Taiwan visa before buying the flight ticket. If it is possible, then I’ll buy the ticket some time in the future.


So, today I had my second round interview for the GCDP program.

Last week, I received an e-mail about a program in Taiwan, and I am interested in joining, and I finally registered. Had an interview today, they asked me quite a number of questions, like what experiences do I have with teaching children, what do I do to approach them, and stuffs.

For the preparation of the interview, I borrowed a microphone from a friend of mine and really had a semi-professional set up in the Orange Building. Chose the Orange Building because it is quite quiet and nice place to sit and talk via skype.


I came late for the interview *cries* because I went to TTS4 and take a look at a house. The house is quite nice, it’s just that it’s a bit too far.

The interview went well, except one thing, the video is not working. I was wondering why, until now. Still trying to investigate it.

Because of the webcam problem, I’ll have to do another interview this Saturday.

Ampang: From Citibank to Koreatown

So, today I went to Ampang Park to make a Citibank account.

A few days before, I e-mailed them and made sure that I can make an account with a letter from my school.

citibankThe e-mail from Citibank!

So after that, I decided to explore Ampang too. Like, hey! I came all the way here!

As everyone knows, as a student in Nottingham Malaysia, going to Kuala Lumpur is very very very very far. The journey starts from the bus stop in Nottingham.


The bus in Nottingham is free, takes students until KTM Kajang, the nearest KTM station from Nottingham.

IMG_0646Across Kajang KTM station

IMG_0606The inefficient paper ticket used by KTMB. Touch and Go is also available, but I can’t even find them anywhere -__-. Long queue, long queue every time.

IMG_0607Ladies coach, hahaha. Only in Malaysia!

A gentle advice for you guys travelling Kuala Lumpur by public transport, KTM < LRT and Monorail. Take only KTM if it is the only way to travel (like me). Another thing is, they rarely check for the ticket. Today, randomly, they checked the ticket. The first time since I’ve stayed here. Also be careful of pickpockets, especially KTM which is infested in pickpockets! My friends lost a lot of phones. Luckily, I haven’t lose anything now.

IMG_0645In Bandar Tasik Selatan

Here is a map for you guys travelling with public transport.


There are two options from Kajang to Ampang Park. I can take the KTM all the way to KL Sentral, and take the Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang. The other one is to take KTM until Tasik Selatan, and take the Ampang Line to Masjid Jamek, then change to Kelana Jaya Line to Ampang.

I took the other route.

And if you’re wondering, why did I go to “Ampang Park” instead of “Ampang”, it’s because I have to go to Citibank, which is located just beside Ampang Park LRT Station. If you’re going to Koreatown, I suggest going from Ampang LRT station as it is nearer.

IMG_0609The token for taking LRT. This is by far more efficient than KTM’s paper ticket, and it looks unique too!

Took the train to Masjid Jamek, and I must say LRT stations are way way way way way better than KTM stations! Especially those undergrounds one.

Oh yeah, from Masjid Jamek, you need to go down to the Kelana Jaya Line.

IMG_0611Selca time in front of the train doors, LOL

LRT train is way faster than KTM. Arrived in Ampang Park and I was so amazed by the design. It almost looks like Changi’s MRT Station.


To get to the citibank, just turn left from the exit and cross the road. You should see a big blue-colored banner.

IMG_0612This big screen in front is so cool!

They rejected my application.


Anyway, to my next stop since I am very very hungry. I took a taxi from Ampang Park LRT to Ampang Point. It’s not really far, only RM9.60.

Before coming here, I made a little “research” and found this blog.

Arriving in Ampang Point, I decided to check what’s inside first. So. very. disappointed. I then checked the map in the blog. The map was not really clear enough and I walked around Ampang Point to find out that it is across Ampang Point. From the main entrance, take the overhead bridge, and walk straight till you see a junction. Walk straight till you see a Korean school.

ampangMy route for this trip. Red indicates my trip to the first restaurant, yellow is the second

IMG_0616The Korean school

Just adjacent to the Korean school is Jalan Ampang Utama, where the Koreatown is located. My destination is a Korean restaurant called Goong.


I walked the wrong way and ended up in a restaurant called Chung Goong.

IMG_0620 IMG_0619

The food there was not bad, it’s just there is no Korean BBQ. I ate Mapo Tofu Rice. A word of warning: It’s extremely spicy.


While eating, I found some very funny stuffs 😛

IMG_0621 IMG_0624 IMG_0649

Why is that girl wearing a hanbok in the middle of the rain 😛

The food I ate costs RM20, and Koreans are very nice to give free drinking water in a bottle.

When I paid, they gave me a RM2.00 voucher, which I can’t think of any use of that. Not only it expires soon, but hey it’s only RM2.00!


I then continued walking through the streets of Ampang, to find the restaurant I was looking for.

IMG_0626Anyway, I have a plan to take TOPIK. Maybe I can take TOPIK lessons here someday. My aim is to pass TOPIK 3 or 4, but my Korean now is very basic that I can’t converse well with a Korean >__________<

Going down from the restaurant and going back straight to the entrance, I saw this Korean mini market, called PhilMart (almost thought it was a Philippines mini market, lol). I remember seeing the picture of the place somewhere, and decided to take a look. I was looking for a soju glass anyway.

I ended up buying chum churum (RM11), two sets of disposable soju glass (RM1.50 each. Can’t find the glass), and two Korean onion rings (RM.450 each, my favorite! I’ve been missing those!). The market is the true Korean heaven, although I didn’t find Cass (wanted to try Cass, never found them in Malaysia).

IMG_0628 IMG_0627 IMG_0629Only in Korea: Soju packed in milk boxes

Turn right from the mini market, only to find that there are more Korean restaurants, and also more Korean mini markets. I regretted that I didn’t check the whole place first before deciding to eat and buy stuffs from the mini market! I just realized now though, I could find the soju glass in the other mini markets.

Walk straight and you’ll see Goong, the restaurant mentioned in the blog. It’s hidden in the second floor of something that looks like a mini coffee shop.


I went upstairs, and at first, I was disappointed. It does not look like what I had expected. There are no Koreans, only some local looking guys.

IMG_0631 IMG_0632Don’t know why, but they also gave me free bottled water
IMG_0636 IMG_0635

The disappointment quickly ended, though, because they really serve cheap food. It’s only RM22 for the gochujang samgyeopsal (spicy grilled pork belly). At first I was skepticalabout it though, because traditionally samgyeopsal is served without any marinade.

IMG_0640Dark looking meats are the samgyeopsal, and the rounded ones are pork ribs

Goong does not hesitate to give you side dishes. I didn’t even finish them! So sorry! It’s not that I don’t want to finish them but I am too full 😦 I usually eat all the side dishes, but this time it was really too much for me to digest >__<

IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0637 IMG_0638

Do come here if you’re going to Ampang! Both places are nice, and have their own pros and cons (I’ll just list them bellow so you can choose where to eat).

Cheong Goong:

  • Nice environment, window seats are the best. You can see random stuffs like a lady wearing a hanbok in the middle of the rain 😛
  • Food is nice if you’re looking for something non-BBQ.
  • Very few side dishes
  • No samgyeopsal! (Considered a con for me because I like samgyeopsal)


  • BBQ is the main attraction here, especially the gochujang samgyeopsal.
  • Lots and lots of side dishes!
  • Price is quite high
  • Very low-classy kind of feeling, yet high-classy in the price

Here are the addresses if you’re looking for it:


Lot B2-2, Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2

Taman Ampang Utama

Ampang, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia

Cheong Goong:

C6-1M, C7-1M, Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1

One Ampang Avenue

Ampang, 68000 Selangor, Malaysia

GCDP 인터뷰 통과!

ImageWarning: This blog entry is in Korean, which means “I passed the GCDP interview”. This entry is not endorsed by Kim Jong-Un or his royal family of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in any way.

Just kidding.

I got the e-mail from AIESEC stating that I passed the first round to GCDP, which is the interview test! I waited for this news since last night. Thanks God I passed!

Now, I have to wait for the induction on Wednesday. The e-mail stated that I should attend and pay RM150 for the second payment then I’ll be able to access the database and choose a program.

Next thing I hope for, please let there be a program in South Korea! As I said a few times before, my aim is to go to South Korea, have my Busan vacance xD. I have found cheap flight tickets but I haven’t buy them.

Anyway, talking about flight tickets, AirAsia can become really 坑爹 (lit. choke dad) at times. Last week, I found that the tickets for KUL-ICN are around RM790, but this week it’s already around RM1.000 (exclusive luggage and foods). Heck! I can take Malaysia Airlines (RM1.300 inclusive luggage and foods) with that kind of money!

A week ago, actually I wrote myself an itinerary. I was thinking, if my application was to be rejected, I would backpack South Korea by myself. After so many plannings, I discovered I still lacked RM300. After thinking again, I decided to try Hong Kong – China backpacking. Still haven’t wrote an itinerary yet by the time I got passed the interview.

Anyway, wish me luck on the road to my Busan vacance!

Here is a bonus, a picture of the weather right now. I’m writing this in UNMC’s Library, while watching YouTube to study for calculus. Thinking of maybe posting a post about how YouTube saved my calculus life!