Got myself a…. sauna suit?

Every morning I would jog with my mom and I would see this person everyday, wearing a suit that looks like a garbage bag (probably because of the colour) and wondering why she’s wearing it – every, single, day.


Looked something like this. What a walking garbage bag.

Out of curiosity mom decided to ask the person about the suit, and she explained that the shirt was for losing weight. The principles are simple, the shirt increases the body temperature and making the person wearing the shirt to swear sweat more. She claimed that she lost 20 kilograms by just walking around the track everyday

A little bit about my weight – I am overweight. With a height of ~180cm and a weight of 109.5kg, I need to lose some weight. This claim motivated me to go buy the sauna suit. Only for one problem – I didn’t knew the name of the product, and neither do the person who recommended me. I went to sport equipment shops while asking for the “running outfit that looked like a garbage bag” and I get laughs wherever I go. I wanted to ask the person in the jogging track where she bought it, only to know she has moved to another place.

Only until one fine morning when I saw Peter’s mom with that outfit too, I got to ask her where she got that. This morning, I went to the shop she recommended and I was still blindly asking for the “running outfit that looked like a garbage bag”. The person immediately know what I was looking for and told me that it was called a sauna suit.

Sauna suit?


This what was in my mind when I heard “sauna suit”

The first model she showed me was silver colour, which, after my internet research showed me, is the standard colour for sauna suits, although the ones I usually saw here are black in colour. Not sure but I am not too keen at using a silver coloured suit for jogging. People could mistook me for a

I’m not too interested to look like this

So I got myself a green coloured sauna suit. Finally something that doesn’t look like garbage bar man or tin man. It actually looks like a proper exercise gear!


Hey there tin-woman Demi Lovato!

Now, starting with a sauna suit and an app called 30 Days Fitness Challenges (Android, iOS, and website), I will be trying to lose weight this summer, just before I get myself to work. This blog will be where I update my progresses!

July 11th 2016, I am in 108.7 Kg.

13650369_10207058111239841_1113733448_n (1)

My first goal will be to my weight before I entered university – 80 Kg.

I would still be jogging like usual on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays too! Would try Runtastic to track my run! I’ll try my best to update once a week in this blog.