As a kid, I was a big fan of Crayon Shinchan. There was one episode where a guy cut an apple bunnies (うさぎりんご), I tried to make it and failed big time. Today, I tried to do it again, and succeeded! Even though some don’t really look like bunnies 😛 my knife holding skills getting better and better each day 😛

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Life is About Making Choices

Last night, me and Kahjun had a little sharing session after dinner. Not only him, I actually shared with a lot of other AIESECers too.
At one, a friend of mine said that she don’t like human interaction, and that she said she is an introvert. Well, joining AIESEC in the first place is a step out of her comfort zone, I respect that. Me, too, sometimes, I feel left out by people, but I like interacting with people 🙂
For me, I sometimes feel that I am always left out by my friends. Sometimes, I see their outing pictures, and thought, eh, bojio! But for me, the solution is always thinking positive. Eh, they bojio me, maybe they though I already eat 😛
Talking about thinking positive, I’ve realise that it is very important to think positive! Now I always try my best to think positive, and I have felt that it really impacted my life in all aspects.
Another friend of mine felt that she has no directions in life. For me, I think it is already late to find a direction in life at her age, but it’s always better late than never, right? 😉
As for Kahjun himself, he shared to me how he felt when he first came to this university, even though it is still in his own country, he felt different, for me too! When I first came here, i felt even more different, even though Indonesia and Malaysia have a close culture.
After that night sharing session, I felt very fresh and happy today, and had a very productive day 😛

Had dinner with EPs from Japan, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam tonight! Had a very International night. The Japanese EP is surprisingly fluent in English! I told her that there is a district named Nagoya in my hometown, and showed her the picture of Nagoya Hill Mall XD. They eventually got curious of my ice kacang and also decided to get one XD. Before returning back home, we decided to go to McD in Kajang and teach them how to eat fries with ice cream 😛 – at Sate Kajang Haji Samuri

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