Where did I go? Updates, exams, Taiwan, and everything more.

400699_4930098058914_659360373_n_jpgFound this old picture on my phone, and tried to edit it.

Me and My Final exams


Finals, not even once!

So, finals done, summer’s here, and I can finally update this blog! Didn’t update for quite a while because I am busy doing my exams (sorry!). Today, May 25th, 2013, is the last day of my final exams, and I have finished it.

Actually, most of my friends finished their exams earlier. Mine finished a little bit later because I took Data Gathering and Communications, which the lecturer decided to troll us and put the exams a bit behind (nice try Mr. Raj). Even though I considered myself lucky enough, because some people have their exams until the 27th.

Exams = study. Who doesn’t agree? If you don’t study, you’ll come back again for summer resits. Exam month is the time to see student extremely studying, and here are some pictures of me studying.


Outdoor studying rocks!~


#NotRelated. But, these two we’re fighting when we were studying.

This three week battle with exams has finally ended. I am very glad. The end of the exams marks the beginning of my first ever summer vacation in my life.

Yes, my first ever summer vacation.

I was so jealous of American school when I watched “High School Musical” because they have this uber long summer vacation that they’re very excited about and sing a song about (What time is it? It’s Summertime~!), because we Indonesians don’t have them. Like, c’mon, we’re already having summer all year long, if there is really a summer vacations, we would just have holidays the whole year! We usually have only 1 month semester break! Which, was one of the longest vacation we have, second to Chinese New Year Vacation (I heard they shorten the Chinese New Year Vacation this year, pity you guys).

Me and My New House

Yes, I am moving out from my current room, to a house which me and two other friends of mine rented. The new house is quite near to the one I live.

Before going back to Indonesia and enjoying my summer holidays, I have to get to work and move my stuffs. As a matter of fact, I am moving my stuffs tomorrow.

I just realized how hard moving is.


No, these are not mine. If they are, I will go crazy just by looking the amount of stuffs.

Like, I mean, pack all the stuffs to boxes, clean the whole room so it looks presentable again, and clearing all my stuff.

So, part one of vacating my room and mutating to my new room: Buy plastic boxes in Tesco. These are good for eating stuffs (cutlery). These are more sterile than cardboard boxes, in my opinion, so I use them to keep cooking stuffs.


Only one of them is mine! Got them for a bargain, only RM 13.90 for one (around US$.4.60)

The next step is the hardest one, obviously, fitting your whole room in the boxes.


On the time of me writing this, I haven’t packed everything yet. As a matter of fact, I am going back to pack again after I post this. So, guys, be patient. I’ll take a picture of my total stuffs.

I wonder if moving the stuffs is the hardest part. I’ll move them tomorrow, let’s see how it goes!

Me and My Taiwan Internship with AIESEC NTPU

Just a short update for this one, I finally got my visa! They only gave me 30 days, though, which is just barely enough for me. I don’t plan to stay there long enough too, because I still want to spend my time in Indonesia!

The visa application is quite easy, all you have to do is visit https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/ and fill the form online, then download the completed form, print it, bring all necessary documents, and go to the Taiwan Embassy (I know, it’s not an official embassy, but it’s de facto an embassy, so let’s just address them this way. Go 中華民國!).

Come back three days later (including the day you submit) around 4.30-5.30, and collect your visa. Oh yeah, they only receive applications from 9.00-12.00.

And, ta-da, the day of the collection, it rained very hard that I almost decided to take the taxi, but still walked because I’m too scroogy to take a taxi.

And here it is, the long awaited, visa!


Yes, yes, I know I’m handsome, my mum told me that a lot.

Me and Mishaps That Happened During Exam Month

I don’t know if I’ve been studying too much, or I’m just plain unlucky this exam month, but lots of mishaps happened to me this month.

1. Knife cut on my left middle finger.


2. Cooking oil burn on my right thumb.


Me and My Cooking

All those happened when I was cooking! Which, I am getting more and more advanced at it. People say, when you’re away from parents, you’ll learn important life skills such as cooking, washing clothes, and other stuffs.

Even though I only cooked mainly instant noodles, but I am proud of it because I made them a bit fancy, lol!

Here is my “improving cooking”.


Now guess what’s that? Haha!

My Junior’s National Exams Results

Yesterday was the announcement of 2012/2013 national high school exam, and it was my junior’s turn (mine was last year, obviously), and this year was quite different because they announced it through through the school website (which was quite fancy in my opinion).


More details can be read from my ex school’s website here.

Me and Roland Garros 2013

Roland Garros, or the French Open, is the one and only sport event I watch, and I am still rooting for Maria Sharapova this year! She was last year’s winner.

An interesting thing about the French Open is, last year, during my IELTS speaking test, they asked me about my favourite sporting event, and I was told to tell them about the sporting event. Last year was my first time watching the French Open tournaments, because of my dad. It’s as if God arranged me to watch the French Open, because I was about to get such a question in IELTS.

So, this year, I’m still rooting for Maria, and she was the one who drew the lots for men singles. Here are some pictures from the draw.


At 1.88 metres tall, I am 4 centimetres shorter than her!


Sharapova will be playing with this Taiwanese, can’t wait for the game!